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Since I do not have a personal prayer ministry, do training for prayer ministry, or have resources on my website for healing, I would like to introduce you to various ministries that you may want to know about. I personally have had some contact with each of these and know them to be helpful and have good resources for both survivors and counselors.

Recommended Books

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Healing from Abuse:

John and Paula Sandford and staff at Elijah House, Spokane Valley, WA
The Sandfords pioneered spiritual healing, combining the Word of God with the Holy Spirit's leading going to the root issues. The staff offers personal counseling, seminars, and training for prayer ministry. They have many books and CD's from the Sandfords and various staff members.

Dr. Karl and Charlotte Lehman
Dr. Lehman, a Christian psychiatrist and his wife speak on the development of the brain and the impact of trauma. He has taken the healing found in Theophostic Ministry further by asking Jesus to be present to the client from the beginning of the session so that the person's capacity to face traumas as they surface will increase. ("Immanuel Approach")

Dr. Ed Smith at Theophostic® Prayer Ministry
Dr. Smith's ministry explains how to invite Jesus to show the client the root of a difficulty, then to reveal the lie, and have Jesus speak truth to replace the lie. He offers training and resources.

Chester and Betsy Kylstra at Restoring the Foundations International Training Center, Hendersonville, North Carolina
The Kylstras have many training sessions at their lovely retreat center in NC. They also do seminars in the U.S. and other countries. The counselors that have received their training and are available to meet with people can be found at http://www.healinghouse.org. Training Book: Restoring the Foundations

Leanne Payne of Pastoral Care Ministries
Leanne has had a special prayer and speaking ministry to those who have been sexually abused and broken, especially those in homosexuality. She has just recently retired. Her resources are still excellent.
Excellent books: Healing of the Homosexual and The Broken Image

For those who counsel or who have been through Severe Abuse:

Diane Hawkins at Restoration in Christ Ministries
Diane offers conferences to help therapists, pastors, counselors, and survivors to understand the reason why trauma causes dissociation. They especially focus on people who have DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly MPD) and may have become dissociated through experiencing SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse). Tom also does some intensive counseling. They have various books/CD's and also training manuals for therapists, pastors, and prayer ministers. One CD set by her late husband, Dr. Tom R. Hawkins, is the Cosmic Hierarchy which helps people understand the more complicated spiritual entities found when counseling people who are SRA. Diane and others offer marriage retreats twice a year for couples where one person is DID. This ministry has many other resources and opportunities. Please see the website for more information.

Remembering Tom

On December 31, 2010, Dr. Tom R. Hawkins passed from this life into the presence of the Lord Jesus he loved dearly. He was a wonderful man—compassionate, thoughtful, sensitive, intelligent, and a true friend. He served his Savior with utmost devotion, grace, and humility. He was a precious brother and pastor who served others with kindness and tenderness, walked in numerous gifts of the Spirit, and based his ministry on a careful analysis of the scriptures. Tom exemplified the verses in Isaiah 42:3 "A bruised reed He will not break, And a dimly burning wish He will not extinguish..." as he ministered to the brokenhearted. I will always remember you, Tom, with warmth, deep emotion, and gratitude for the many times we talked, shared what we were writing with each other (thank you, Tom, for reading the hundreds of poems I sent you!), and the several occasions where you prayed with me. We all miss you, but our deep loss is heaven's gain. Someday we'll meet again. What a joy!

Karen Sackett at Shield of Faith, MN
Karen works locally and internationally with survivors of Trauma Based Mind Programming and SRA. She speaks at conferences, does intensives, and has written several books that are available on her web site. Her focus is on Discipleship and healing the whole person. She utilizes body work and movement workshops to help survivors connect with memories and find healing. Her web site has many resources for both counselors and survivors.

Cheryl Knight and Jo Getzinger at C.A.R.E., Inc., Baldwin, MI
They offer intensive prayer for severe abuse (including SRA) and sponsor THRIVE Conferences. They also have resources from several of the other ministries located on this page at their store at www.carepkg.org.

Deliverance Ministries

Ken & Sylvia Thornberg at Freedom Encounters in Boise, Idaho
The Thornbergs offer a type of prayer for people that is quite a paradigm shift for many of us. Many of those who I know personally who have experienced this kind of prayer have gained new spiritual freedom, clarity of thinking, closer walk with God, and more intimacy in relationships. For SRA/DID people, instead of working with many parts many times on the same traumas, either during the prayer time or afterwards, many of the alters are. This speeds up healing! However....as with any process, it is a process, not the final end-all and be-all. It is what I call a piece of the puzzle. Some people find it great and go on with their lives. Many others, however, especially those who have an SRA/DID background, need much more help after this kind of prayer to continue to integrate, live out of their hearts, and gain maturity and health that they missed as children.

Ministries Recommended by Other People

(Unknown to me personally)

Care & Healing Ministries offered to Pastors and Missionaries:

  1. www.Heartstreamresources.org
  2. www.Alongsidecares.net
  3. Mission Training International: www.MTI.org
  4. Ministry for Navigators staff: People Resources Team: http://www.navigators.org/us/ministries/prt

Community of Christian Artists:

  1. Via Affirmativa is the community that is about integrating the arts and faith: www.ViaAffirmativa.com.
  2. Bethel Church in Redding, CA offers a School of Supernatural Creativity annually. Check out the next one at www.ibethel.org. See workshops at http://www.ibethel.org/bethel-school-of-supernatural-creativity-workshop.

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