You notice me

When I felt lost and confused
Deeply hurting and rejected
You noticed me.

Your quiet words
And gentle questions
Soothed my aching soul.

You spoke right to my heart
Again and again
And didn't forget I was there.

When I came broken and in tears
You held me tight
And understood my deepest pain.

That is why my heart opens up to you
So easily
And I can trust you.

You only show kindness
And never harm.
You only reflect goodness
And never evil.
Even with tough issues
I never sense evil motives-
Only humility
A willingness to serve
A desire to see me come to wholeness.
You keep bringing me again and again
Before our gentle Savior.

Whether I feel humbled or ashamed
You listen well
I know I can run back to you
For I am not invisible to you.

You notice me.

Wanda Viola
January 13, 2002