The Light Shines in the Darkness

Tempered night, no sweet moon shines
Where clouds obscure the sky
The blackness is like pitch to me
The hills in darkness lie.

Then far away a light shines forth
And slowly it draws near
The objects just within my sight
Begin to then appear.

Closer, closer comes the light
Illuminating me
The more it shows of what lies close
The more that I can see.

So God incarnate shines in us
If we invite Him in
Revealing darkness in our souls
Our shameful, grievous sin.

We see rebellion, selfish pride
And then what shall we do?
Shut the door and close the shade
Ignoring what is true?

Or welcome in the Spirit's truth
And bring it to the cross
Confessing all idolatry
Relinquishing the dross.

Satan wants us filled with sin
As caverns black as night
But I desire that Jesus come
And fill my heart with light.

Wanda Viola
December 24, 2001