Sweet flower

Sweet flower
Emerging up through craggy rocks
How precious you are!
Few flowers could ever grow
Where you have raised your upright stalk-
So hard the soil, so rough the terrain.
What a struggle just to exist!
How does one survive the torrid summers
The icy winter slopes
Where no water brook winds close?
Yet you stand so erect
So vibrant with your bright colors
Arrayed in lovely hues.

God birthed you
Grew you
Equipped you to endure
And protected you in the midst of adversity
In ways you may never comprehend.
Now He is encircling you with beauty
Amidst the fiery storms
That you may praise Him for His goodness
And shine forth with His glory
To those who falter in their way.

Wanda Viola
January 5, 2002

For Penny