Strength and Humility

When traveling from lies to truth
Hatred to love
Bitterness to forgiveness
Rage to peace—
One must pursue diligently
March courageously
Act responsibly
Continually seeking the presence of God.

Strength is needed here to face the past
Fighting battles against malicious schemes
And clashing swords with internal enemies—
No place for the faint hearted.

Needed also is humility
A yielded heart to the will of everlasting God—
Creator of individuals
Restorer of battered souls.
Arrogance and defiance have no place here.
They are replaced through repentance
Humble surrender
By God's hand of transformation
Into gentleness emanating from a quiet spirit.

Calm strength
Gentle meekness
Standing straight through the pain
To face ugly truth without shrinking
Listening to a just God
Who speaks pure truth bursting from a heart of compassion.

Not easy
Yet not willing to compromise
Holy purity for Satan's lure.

The Just Judge warring now for His beloved
We bow to choose HIS way
No matter what the cost.
We desire to reside in Truth and Grace
Living authentically
Never in a cheap facade.

Wanda Viola
July 4, 2002