Consider Him gracious

When you're breaking under the pain
Of exploding memories
Shocking defilements
Horrid nightmares brought crashing
Into eyesight and body
Consider Him gracious.
He could have left you in your silent pain
Dead inside from years of self-protection,
Enduring unseen enemies of your soul
For another 40 years.

Consider Him gracious
When He leads you to the Comforter
And earthly ones who hold you tight
Speaking kind words
Of compassion and understanding
To your sobbing, grieving soul.
It is all part of His plan
To draw you closer to Himself
To cleanse your heart
To bring you true joy
Renewed energy.

You are part of the Bride He is preparing for His return
Unstained and pure.
Pure to Him you are, and holy
Yet, within,
The buried pain and rage keeps Him at bay.
The terrible betrayals and assaults left you crying out
Resulting in revenge and hatred tying up your heart.
He wishes to clean you up
Down to the bottom.
Consider Him gracious.

So thank Him.
He loves you dearly
Thatís why He risks opening you up.
He knows you will run to Him
And yield to His refining
Trusting Him in the midst of the molten fire.
He will carry you through
To health, wholeness, truth, forgiveness, bold love.
Consider Him gracious.

Wanda Viola
January 21, 2002