Born a Girl

Delivery room disappointment
Father so longed for a son!
First born girl, OK.
Second girl—another?!
Last possible child not a boy either.
Head turned away
Not what I want.
Idolatry clings to his heart
He wants his way, not God's.
She feels his sorrow as terribly painful rejection
I'm not good enough.

What happens to her heart?
Idolatry seeps into this infant
I'll be a boy
To please my dad.
My father would accept me if I were a boy.

She rejects the Maker's choice
Seeking her own way.
Now her spirit needs repentance
Yielding to God's wondrous design.

Lovely little girl
Precious child
Daughter of the Father
Who created her just right.
She is beautiful to Him
Her songs and dance are His delight
No earthly father
Should seek to change this sweet, darling girl.

Wanda Viola
January 16, 2002