A Father's Love

I knew you were busy
Doing so many important things.
Yet I was feeling very little
And needed a hug.

When I came to you
You didn't shove me aside
With all of your activities.

You stopped to listen to my heart
Sobbing from hurt

I trust you
I just needed a hug
And words of comfort.
No hidden agendas
Just love.

I still feel little
But better
Less shame
My heart more steady.

You do what you teach-
Understand the brokenhearted
Comfort the fractured mind
Take time to listen to my bleeding soul.

When I'm afraid I know I can run to you
When I'm full of shame I can open my bruised heart.
You won't minimize my feelings
Or turn me away.

You represent the needed father I never had
Safe, gentle, patient with my feelings
Ever present to sooth my distress.

When you can't be here
I can run to my heavenly Father
And know He will receive me always
For you have shown me who He is.

Wanda Viola
January 14, 2002