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I have been using Wanda's CD's with my special Sunday School class for children between the ages of 5 and 11. The 11 children in the class are emotionally quite young, because they have all experienced early trauma. Wanda's music supports the class goal of teaching the children to trust Jesus. I find that if the children listen to Wanda's soft and beautiful words while they are coloring or drawing, they become very calm and quiet. I believe that her music is an effective tool to use in the process helping heal the children's broken spirits. When Wanda came to sing to the children in person, it made them feel important. —JoAnne Morris, Help One Child (foster/adopt organization)
Wanda — I LOVE the CD — and your words written on the back. It is a wonderful CD to listen to when I am alone & can think — about the past, the present & God’s love throughout. The CD brings me peace & I want to thank you for it. —Lorrie
We live in the UK. My wife is a survivor of SRA. She has put it on Facebook on a survivor's page and people have liked it so positive response ... she has listen to it several time and looked up the scriptures attached to the songs .... It has been very helpful —John
I was in tears before the first stanza was finished in the first song! I was bathed in tears by the time the "ordeal" was over.
Your pianist, Joe Howard, was an ideal choice, Wanda! He fits like a glove! He truly "accompanies" your inner feelings and enhances the whole effect. Same goes for the simple cello and guitars. I was deeply moved by your songs too. I know you have taken many, many years to arrive at this point; it is well worth the wait. This is a very gentle...bombshell... —Ron
Wanda Viola's music is tender and deep. It is an understatement to say she tapped into the deepest parts of her soul to compose honest, transparent and healing lyrics. If you're ready to find your own healing from childhood traumas, Wanda's songs will guide you there. They communicate the innocence of a child seeking after the Father...the posture where healing begins. —Rachel Laughton
This wonderful CD comes from the heart of a woman who has known the healing love of Jesus as few others have. This music can spiritually comfort and uplift in a powerful way. I sense a strong anointing of the Holy Spirit on Wanda's music. She expresses so beautifully how God can take the hurt and betrayal in a person's heart and bring healing and restoration as no other can. My prayer is that God will use these songs to pour out His Healing Love on the many children and adults who have suffered abuse from adults they trusted to love and care for them. Only Jesus has known such suffering and only He can understand and touch these little broken hearts. —Barbara Moore
I am so happy to see your project coming to fruition!!! A few days ago, I found myself singing a lovely tune and couldn't place it immediately. Then, I realized it was your song. Now, I don't remember which one. It was such a blessing to know that the healing touch of your music is in my heart. My little child is very grateful to you. God bless those who seek peace through your music. —Wanda B.
At the 2007 Mt. Hermon Christian Writer's Conference I was part of a late night poet/songwriter's group after one of the main sessions. We had gotten together to share our writing with each other. As Wanda played her song I immediately had a clear picture in the Spirit of an innocent little girl sitting in the lap of her heavenly Father and being totally accepted and loved. I did not know any of Wanda's history, but the song spoke to me of trust, purity, innocence and love between a father and daughter. Very beautiful! —Patrick Craig, Harp & Bowl Ministries
Wanda, your website is lovely and it's just so you - I really love it so much and your writing is just like you talk - it's so personal and so open and full of love. Blessings as you finish this site - I will keep checking in to see how it's going. Much love to you, my dear friend. —Barbara

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