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Wanda Viola

Just released! This is the Time
Christmas Duet - Elizabeth & Mary

Hi and welcome! I'm so glad you're visiting His Healing Love. Thank you for dropping by. :)

Perhaps you have a friend or relative who's been through trauma. Maybe you've been there yourself. Or you may be a counselor, pastor, or prayer minister who is looking for resources for those who are deeply wounded.

I want you to feel comfortable and safe here. I wrote these songs in the midst of my healing from childhood abuse (after 35 years of burying the pain). Maybe you've always remembered one or more bad things that happened to you. Maybe your whole childhood feels like a train wreck. Or maybe you wonder if something bad may have happened because you're having trouble making life work successfully for you or you struggle with addictions you can't seem to conquer. Whatever reason you have come, I want to say gently and warmly that I'm very glad you're here. :)

If you want to know more about the songs, feel free go to the CD section where you'll find the lyrics of all the words on the CD's I've completed. You can also find the chords and lead sheets. You can also play a selection of each song. I want you to be able to see exactly what I've written and hear part of it before you purchase it.

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